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One of our consultants will call on you to discuss your moving requirements and to draw up an accurate survey. If any items have not been surveyed, sufficient space and time may not be allocated, or some items may be left behind, resulting in extra cost and inconvenience. Make sure our consultant sees all the items to be moved.


When moving goods long-distance or into storage, an inventory of items received for transportation is compiled. To access your goods in storage, you’ll need to produce the inventory list. This will prevent unauthorised persons claiming your possessions.


Our fleet of specially designed removal vehicles allows us to move large and small households in and around the Durban area with ease.


We manage and co-ordinate our cross-country moves by scheduling our services to a regular timetable. Customers are assured of the best service in the shortest turnaround time. Our vehicles are serviced at regular intervals to eliminate breakdowns.


Stanley’s Removals has a wealth of experience in moving homes for those who are emigrating. Belongings are shipped utilising standardised steel shipping containers, which can be handled at all major destinations worldwide. These remain sealed until they arrive at their destination, minimising any handling necessary. Regular communication with shipping, storing and moving organisations throughout the world, ensure the shipment is carefully monitored every step of the way.


The expert team at Stanley’s Removals is well equipped to handle the move, down to the very last detail. Office contents are efficiently packed, with special care taken to minimise the shock to computers and other office equipment.


To facilitate a stress-free move, Stanley’s Removals will undertake packing small items, such as china, glassware, books, clothing, toys and kitchenware, the day before. By expertly packing your possessions, Stanley’s Removals will save you time and breakages.


The Stanley’s Removals warehouse in Durban is well equipped to store belongings in the short and medium term. Furniture is packed into pallet boxes at your home and transported to the warehouse. Using forklift trucks, the pallet boxes are stacked three high. By minimising handling, this system reduces the possibility of damage.


We are aware of the inherent risks in furniture removal and while most householders’ policies may provide cover during moves or storage, this might not protect against marking, scratching, denting, breakages, or mechanical derangement. Sanley’s Removals is able to offer a comprehensive all risks in transit insurance on all types of removals. Speak to your Stanley’s Removals Consultant about this service.

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